Go Succeed FAQ’s

What is the Go Succeed program?

Go Succeed is a program developed through the College Factory, Inc., a 501 (c)(3) non-profit dedicated to building college & career going culture in the community.  Go Succeed mobilizes current undergraduate and graduate students to work as college & career advisers to current high school students. This program was created on the belief that it takes a village to raise a child and current college students have successfully navigated the college admissions process to give back and show others how to do it. Although coaches are trained to go through Go Succeed’s standardized program, each coach has the flexibility to create an individual plan of action that works best for their student. Students are guided through career exploration, budgeting, interview practice, college applications, test prep, and have the opportunity to earn several scholarships. Students that participate in the program also have priority for the Athens Step Up Scholarship, which awards $1,000 to 5-10 students a year to use for college.

How much time will the coach spend with my student?

Our coaches have committed to serve at least 3 hours/month with their assigned student. This can happen all at once or be broken up over several sessions in a month. Some coaches and students may spend more time than that working on a particular task depending on the student and coach’s preference.

Where will the coach meet with my student?

Coaches are only allowed to meet with students at the school or in an approved public place (list on back). This ensures the safety of both the coach and the student. 

What is required of the parent/guardian? 

The time commitment for parents is fairly minimal throughout the program except for workshops and information sessions. All that we ask is that the parent be open to communication and take the time to grow with both the coach and student. Our coaches are a great resource so we want parents to feel comfortable reaching out to the coach with any questions that may come up. Also, we expect that our coaches can send parents good news texts or reminders to the parents to keep them informed.
Is there a cost to participate in the program?

There is no cost to students or families to receive a coach.  All memberships for the 2017-2018 school years have been covered by community sponsors. There are several events that may have an added cost if students would like to participate such as our test prep program and college tours, but we work extremely hard to make sure these are low cost (normally only $5-$10).

Can the parent participate in the sessions?

Yes! We encourage parents to be as active and engaged as possible! Parents are more than welcome to attend any and all sessions if the time permits. Please keep in mind though that one of the strengths of our program is that we use the near peer model, which is most effective when students feel they can communicate openly with someone closer in age and experience. 

Who do I contact if I have questions about the program or progress of my student?

You can contact our Program Assistant, Ava Moniker, at ava@collegefactory.org or you can contact the guidance counselors at the Career Academy.

Approved locations for coaches and students to meet: (more to come)
Athens Community Career Academy- 440 Dearing Extension.
Athens Regional Library System (Main Branch)- 2025 Baxter Street
Athens Regional Library System (Pinewoods Branch)- 1465 US-29 G-10
Athens Regional Library System (Winterville Branch)- 115 Marigold Lane, Winterville, GA 30683
Avid Bookshop - 493 Prince Ave. Athens, GA 30601
Barnes & Noble- 3650 Atlanta Hwy, Athens, GA 30606
East Athens Community Center -400 McKinley Dr
Hendershot’s Coffee- 237 Prince Ave
Jittery Joe’s Coffee- 1480 Baxter St. C
Jittery Joe’s Coffee- 48 Baxter St.          
Jittery Joe’s Coffee- 1230 South Milledge Ave.
Jittery Joe’s Coffee- 297 E Broad St.
Jittery Joe’s Coffee- 1860 Barnett Shoals Rd.
Jittery Joe’s Coffee - 425 Barber St.
Lay Park Community Center, 297 Hoyt St.
Lyndon House Arts Center- 293 Hoyt St.
On the Border- 3640 Atlanta Hwy
Rocksprings Park Community Center- 291 Henderson Ext.
Starbucks - 100 College Ave.
Starbucks- Epps Village Shopping Center
Starbucks- 10 Huntington Rd.
Walmart- 4375 Lexington Road

Now enrolling students from the class of 2018!