The College Factory is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization dedicated to the building of a college-going culture within communities across the U.S. We achieve our mission by providing college and career planning resources to the community. Our program is volunteer ran and staffed.  The students in our program are not only guided through the college admissions process, but are also given information about other topics, such as interviewing, budgeting, community service, and other life management skills. 

We hear all the time "College isn't for everyone" and although that statement may hold some truth, the opportunity to advance one's life, whether through college or a career should be accessible to everyone. Our goal is to make this idea of a college education the norm in communities and households across the country.  

Why now? Because every year we wait to make a change, we are sending another group of students into the world unprepared for what it will bring on. 

Question of the Month - January 2017

Q: When did you realize you wanted to start the College Factory program?

A: " It was not until I worked in a high school as a college adviser and got to experience first hand the power and excitement that comes with helping a young person build their future, that I truly unearthed this passion. Every day I reported to work, I looked into the eyes of my students and saw so much potential, so much raw energy ready to burst out; they just needed some guidance on where to go and I was there to do just that. Unfortunately, there was just not enough time in the day to advise the amount of students that needed my help. I would schedule meeting after meeting, call parents and plan events just to realize there were another 60-80 students still needing my help and another 200+ who needed a refresher. I began to ask myself, will there ever truly be an equitable amount of time and energy given to each student to be efficient and effective.  The answer was no, not in the way we did college and career planning. So I began to do research, and talk to my students and their families. I realized there is an untapped resource of undergraduate and graduate students across the country who have just gone through the journey of college admissions, many of them needing help to get there. Why would these students not want to give back to the community and help younger students achieve what they have? From there, the College Factory was born."